Sample / Demo Sites Below

Better to Show You

There are many potential ways your site could look. It’s often hard to imagine. Here are a few examples by type of business … just some examples to give you an idea of what’s possible. Once you’ve reviewed them, get in touch and let’s imagine the possibilities together.

Auto Repair

A perfect design for a thriving mechanic garage with a growing customer base.


An attractive website design for your bed and breakfast or other lodging business (cabin, retreat center, etc).

Coffee Shop

Click to see this example of a quaint coffee shop. Could also be used for a cafe or diner.


This is a nice, clean design for a dental practice or small medical office.


Differentiate your store from the hum-drum “competitors” in your town with a new website that works for you, not against you.


Stand out from the crowd with an attractive heating and cooling website design.

Interior Design

Draw in new clients with this captivating design, full of rich colors and dynamic images.

Law Firm

Professional and functional … this could be the next design for your flourishing legal practice or professional firm.

Meat & Three Cafe

Give your restaurant, cafe or diner the type of informative and attractive website it deserves.

See Something You Like?

The above demo pages are just a small sampling, to jumpstart your creative juices. Contact us if something struck a chord and you’d like to learn more.

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